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Dear Patient, We have an exciting announcement! Our office just started an exclusive membership plan for all of our existing and future patients. This plan was designed to help reduce costs for patients without insurance, or for those who are finding traditional dental insurance to be too expensive. For a yearly fee, all members will receive preventive care and discounted dental work. Here's what the plan includes: Two free cleanings and exams Free yearly x-rays 15% off ALL procedures No co-pay or deductible No yearly maximums No waiting periods We have three different choices to suit your needs: Adults - $359/year Kids under 13 - $299/year Periodontal - $719/year (includes two additional cleanings) To sign up or for more information, please

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Potato Chips and Oral Cancer

A few months ago there was an interesting news story about a woman who found out she had oral cancer by eating a potato chip! Kristine Moore was an avid Ruffles potato chip fan, and had eaten them every single day for the past 20 years. On this particular day, a sharp edge of the chip poked the back of her throat. Kristine figured that she hadn't chewed well enough, but the next day her throat was still sore. She had her husband take a look and he noticed that her tonsils looked inflamed. They took a trip to the doctor and after a few tests she received the diagnosis: squamous cell ...

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Welcome to Springs Family Dental! As the sole doctor in the office, I wanted to provide patients a way to get to know me before they even step into the office. I grew up the oldest of five boys in small town South Dakota - my poor mom! Although we are now scattered throughout the country, we still are a close-knit bunch. My undergraduate degree was completed in South Dakota at the University of Sioux Falls, where I met my wife, Lizi. She grew up in Colorado Springs and is the reason we now call this our home. The University of Minnesota School of Dentistry provided me with a dental degree, after which ...

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