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Smile Gallery: Crowns

Everyone deserves to have a happy and healthy smile. Here at Springs Family Dental, we offer a variety of esthetic dental options to fit your family’s needs. From teeth whitening and porcelain veneers to dentures and everything in between, you’re sure to leave our Colorado Springs dental office with a smile on your face.

If you’re interested in seeing how your smile could potentially look with one of our treatment options, please browse our smile gallery below.

Smile With Some Gaps In The Front
Dental Bonding To Fix Gaps In The Teeth Without Removing The Natural Tooth
Cosmetic Bonding to Close Spaces
This young lady was unhappy with the spaces between her teeth and wanted a change. Cosmetic bonding is a procedure to adhere tooth colored material to the teeth to improve their appearance. The advantages of this procedure are no tooth structure is r...[Read More]
Cosmetic Ceramic Crowns
This patient wanted to improve his smile due to some older fillings that were breaking down. The fillings were initially placed to help control decay, and after he was able to improve his home care it was time to place a more permanent restoration. T...[Read More]
Cracked Tooth With Amalgam Silver Fillings
Replacing A Cracked Tooth With A Ceramic Crown
Ceramic Crown
This patient had an old and failing metal filling, and there were visible cracks on her back molar. She wanted to restore the tooth with something that looked natural, so a ceramic crown was chosen. These types of restorations are both strong and bea...[Read More]
Worn Down And Decayed Molar
Worn Down And Decayed Molar Cured With A Composite Crown
Composite Crown
Agnes came to us with a severely worn and decayed lower molar. She wanted her tooth restored, but also wanted the quickest and least expensive treatment. To accommodate her wishes, the tooth was cleaned up and a composite crown was directly built on...[Read More]