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Smile Gallery: Fillings

Everyone deserves to have a happy and healthy smile. Here at Springs Family Dental, we offer a variety of esthetic dental options to fit your family’s needs. From teeth whitening and porcelain veneers to dentures and everything in between, you’re sure to leave our Colorado Springs dental office with a smile on your face.

If you’re interested in seeing how your smile could potentially look with one of our treatment options, please browse our smile gallery below.

Decayed and fractured tooth
Restored tooth with fillings
Fillings for Tooth Decay
This patient came to us with broken down and decayed teeth. After removing the decayed tooth structure, tooth colored composite fillings were placed to restore function. Well placed fillings can last many years if properly maintained.
Silver Amalgam Fillings On A Molar Tooth
Tooth Colored Resin Filling On Molar Tooth | Removing Silver Fillings
Composite Filling
This patient had an old metal filling that was decayed and failing. After removing the existing filling and unhealthy tooth structure, a tooth colored composite filling was placed.
Broken Metal Filling n Molar Tooth
Fixing Broken Silver Fillings With Tooth Colored Filling On Molar Tooth
Broken and Decayed Metal Filling
This patient had a painful broken filling that also had a substantial amount of decay underneath. The fractured fragment was lodged into the gums between the teeth and was very irritating.The metal filling was removed and the decay was cleaned out...[Read More]
Worn Down And Decayed Molar
Worn Down And Decayed Molar Cured With A Composite Crown
Composite Crown
Agnes came to us with a severely worn and decayed lower molar. She wanted her tooth restored, but also wanted the quickest and least expensive treatment. To accommodate her wishes, the tooth was cleaned up and a composite crown was directly built on...[Read More]
Loose Piece Of Composite Filling On Molar Tooth
Fixing A Fractured Tooth Colored Filling And Adding More Material
Repair of a fractured filling
This patient had a tooth colored (composite) filling that had fractured and was loose (black arrow).One of the benefits of composite is that it can be repaired. The loose piece was removed and more composite was added to regain the natural shape of...[Read More]
Leaking Old Metal Filling On Molar
Tooth Colored Filling On Molar Tooth
Tooth Colored Filling
This patient had an old metal filling that was starting to leak and had recurrent decay. There were also some cracks forming on the tooth. The filling was replaced with a new tooth colored filling (composite) that will serve the patient well. The blu...[Read More]
Molar Tooth That Broke From Grinding
Tooth With Composite Filling To Fix It
Fillings for Acid Erosion/Grinding
This patient suffered from a combination of acid erosion and grinding, which led to accelerated wear on her lower right molar. The enamel had been lost on the chewing surface and the underlying tooth structure was exposed. A conservative tooth-colore...[Read More]
Fractured Molar Tooth With Amalgam Filling
Broken Tooth Fixed With Composite Filling
Fractured Tooth Repair
This patient came to us with a fractured tooth and a large existing metal filling. The tooth was also sensitive to cold.After removing all the old filling materials and smoothing, a composite filling was used to repair the tooth. The tooth should n...[Read More]