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I don't like how my teeth look, what are my options?

Advances in cosmetic dentistry has provided patients with a variety of ways to improve the look of their smile. Here are a few options:

Teeth whitening - a safe and effective method for brightening natural teeth.

Cosmetic bonding - adhering tooth colored material to improve the shape, alignment, size, or shade of the tooth. Little to no tooth cutting, cost effective, and quick!

Veneers - similar to cosmetic bonding, but using laboratory made ceramic instead of filling material. Strong, beautiful, and also minimally tooth cutting.

Crowns - for badly broken down teeth, crowns restore teeth to back to their natural beauty, surrounding the tooth like a protective helmet.

Patient Testimonial:Truly a Family Practice

"This truly is a "family" dentistry practice. I trust Dr.Terveen and his staff with my family's special needs. They have bent over backwards for us on many occasions, including helping ... Read More

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