Complete and Partial Dentures in Colorado Springs, CO

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Missing teeth can pose a real challenge to your quality of life. They don’t just make it difficult for you to enjoy the healthy foods you love; they also have a stigma attached that may cause people to make unfair judgments about you.

Replacing your missing teeth with options available at our Colorado Springs dental office helps improve both your health and your self-confidence. For many, dentures and partials are an affordable and practical solution to the challenges posed by missing teeth.

Are Dentures Right for Me?

You might have some hesitation about dentures, especially if the only dentures you are familiar with are the ones your grandparents wore decades ago! Denture craftsmanship has significantly improved in the last few years to the point where they are almost indistinguishable from natural teeth. There’s a good chance that you already know several people who wear dentures, but they are so well crafted, you can’t tell!

Today’s dentures and partials are often set in a flexible base that fits comfortably over your gums (or around your healthy teeth, in the case of partials). Complete dentures use suction to stay in place while partials rely on clasps that fit around the adjacent teeth.

Dr. Terveen begins designing your dentures at our Colorado Springs dental office by taking photos, impressions, and measurements to make sure they are the right size, shape, and color for your unique facial features. These details help your dentures look like your own teeth. In addition, the lab we trust to create dentures for our patients crafts each tooth and places it individually to allow for the subtle natural variations that help the teeth look natural. The days of blocky “fake teeth” are over!

Your Denture Consultation Appointment

If you feel like it’s time to discuss dentures or partials, please don’t hesitate to call our dentures dentist in Colorado Springs. Just like any other dental treatment, dentures have both advantages and drawbacks, and Dr. Terveen will discuss these with you.

Some of the advantages of dentures that our patients appreciate include:

  • Dentures are often covered by dental insurance plans.
  • Dentures are usually more affordable than other tooth replacement options.
  • With proper care, dentures can last a long time.
  • Dentures help restore your ability to speak and chew with confidence.
  • Dentures are easy to care for.
  • After a short adjustment phase, dentures are comfortable to wear.

Caring for Your Dentures

older woman smilingYour dentures are designed to be long-lasting, but they do still require routine care. Dr. Terveen will discuss the appropriate products to use to clean your dentures since regular toothpaste and toothbrushes can be too abrasive and may scratch the finish.

You should clean your dentures at least once a day to keep them clean and prevent odors from developing. When your dentures are not in your mouth, they should be kept in a safe place, covered by cool water or a denture-soaking solution. Allowing your dentures to dry out or soaking them in hot water can cause them to become warped. As a result, they will no longer fit properly.

If you do drop your dentures, please notify us right away so that we can check them for damage. We can spot damage that might not be immediately apparent to you, and wearing damaged dentures could lead to sore spots.

Call our Colorado Springs office to learn more about dentures

We’d love to talk to you about creating a set of complete or partial dentures that are right for you. Give us a call to schedule your consultation appointment at our Colorado Springs dental office.