Root Canal Treatment in Colorado Springs, CO

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At Springs Family Dental, we know that tooth pain can be both distracting and frustrating, often making it hard for you to live your life to its fullest. Our team is here to help alleviate your pain and restore your tooth to its proper function. 

Left untreated, tooth decay can quickly progress from needing a simple filling to requiring a root canal. If you need an emergency root canal, our Colorado Springs dental team is often able to get you on the same day to fix a severely damaged or decayed tooth and relieve your pain.

What Is a Root Canal?

Technically, a root canal is part of the anatomy of your tooth! This is the part of the tooth that houses the nerve. It makes sense that an infection in the root canal causes so much pain since the infection is in such close proximity to the nerve!

While “endodontics” is the proper term for the field of dentistry that focuses on this part of the tooth, “having a root canal” is the more familiar term for the procedure.

Before we begin your root treatment at our Colorado Springs dental office, we’ll make sure that you are completely numb and comfortable. Your comfort is one of our highest priorities, and we won’t begin until we’re sure the procedure will be pain-free for you.

To start the procedure, Dr. Terveen will create a small access hole in your tooth to reach the infected area. Next, all of the decay or infected tissue is removed from the tooth, along with the nerve. This is done because the nerve is damaged and removing it stops the pain.

Once the root infection is gone, the tooth is then sealed to protect it from further infection. In most cases, we will also recommend that a dental crown be placed over the tooth. This restores the tooth’s functionality and protects it since it may become brittle after treatment.

You should notice an immediate improvement, but you may still experience some lingering discomfort after root canal treatment. This is normal and is a part of your body’s normal healing process. As your immune system detects that the infection is gone, the inflammation will subside and you will feel normal again.

Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Tooth decay that has been left untreated can lead you to need a root canal. The most common symptoms for those who require a root canal are:

  • Severe and recurring tooth pain, especially when chewing or biting down
  • Discoloration of the tooth
  • Sensitivity to temperature changes
  • Swelling of the surrounding gum tissue
  • Recurring pimple on gums

Since every person’s mouth is different, we urge you to give our Colorado Springs dental team a call if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

Can the Infection Be Prevented?

man getting root canal in colorado springsYes! Root canals are generally caused by deep decay, which often occurs due to a lack of dental care. Regular dental cleanings and check-ups every three to six months can greatly reduce your chances of needing a root canal and can help our dental team catch any unwanted dental issues early on. 

Great dental hygiene at home is also a deterrent for root canals and cavities alike. Brushing and flossing twice a day removes the bacteria and plaque that build up and cause decay in your mouth. 

Make Your Emergency Dental Appointment Today in Colorado Springs!

We understand the pain and discomfort associated with needing a root canal. Don’t let yourself suffer! We can get you in quickly and help relieve your pain, so give our Colorado Springs dental office a call today.