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Why a Dental Crown Might Improve Your Quality of Life

May 29, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Michael Terveen, DDS
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Is it possible that a dental crown could actually improve your life? The answer is yes! Here are a few scenarios in which Colorado Springs dental crowns can make you feel better and more confident.

Scenario #1

Imagine yourself with a tooth that is decayed. It is painful to eat, and not much better to look at since decay typically manifests as dark spots on your teeth. Since a dental crown is designed to fit over your remaining tooth, it will not only improve the health of your tooth but also its aesthetics.

Scenario #2

Picture a tooth that is cracked or fractured. Perhaps part of it is even missing. A dental filling will not be able to hold this tooth together. It will need a crown to restore form and function, and also protect its root.

Scenario #3

You have just completed root canal therapy. Your tooth was infected and causing you a lot of pain. The root canal was successful, and now you are feeling so much better. However, you will need a crown to help build the strength back up in your tooth so that you can eat and chew normally again. Root canal therapy preserves your natural tooth, but leaves it brittle. A crown will strengthen your tooth once again.

Scenario #4

Your tooth was missing, and you were embarrassed. You chose to replace it with a dental implant, and now it's time to place your new crown. Your new tooth was custom designed by your dentist to replicate your missing tooth, and it blends flawlessly with your other teeth so you can smile with confidence once again.

In all of these scenarios, the patient's life was greatly improved with the help of a dental crown. If you've been told you need a crown, don't delay your treatment as it could lead to more significant problems. Contact Dr. Terveen to schedule your procedure.

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