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Why You May Need a Dental Extraction

December 31, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Michael Terveen, DDS
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When a tooth is causing you pain and has become too damaged to salvage, you may need a dental extraction.

Untreated infection, trauma, a failed root canal, or another issue can cause this type of damage.

At Springs Family Dental, we always work hard to save your tooth, but sometimes an extraction is simply better for you and your overall health.

If you need a dental extraction, our caring Colorado Springs, CO dentist and staff will keep you relaxed and comfortable during this procedure.

A damaged tooth, however, is not the only reason you may need an extraction. Let’s look at a few other times when removing a tooth (or teeth) is the best option.

Wisdom Teeth Causing Problems

Wisdom teeth erupt much later than your other teeth, and sometimes these back teeth can’t erupt at all or only partially break through the gums.  

In the event that wisdom teeth—the roots or the teeth themselves—are infringing on other teeth, pushing or attempting to erupt in a space that is too small, it is always better to have these wisdom teeth pulled.

Additionally, because wisdom teeth sometimes erupt partially, they can be prone to infection, which also has a negative impact on surrounding teeth.

Dental Extractions Before Other Procedures

Sometimes teeth are removed prior to other dental procedures to gain a better overall result. In other words, sometimes your jaw may be too small to accommodate all your teeth, which can lead to crooked teeth or the inability to clean teeth properly.

Extractions before a cosmetic procedure sometimes help our dentist achieve the best and most natural-looking results for your new smile.

What to Expect at Our Colorado Springs Office

At Springs Family Dental, we keep you relaxed and the area numb during your dental extraction. Following tooth removal, we provide instructions for any follow-up care that may be required.

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