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The Process of Getting a Dental Implant - What You Can Expect

September 30, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Michael Terveen, DDS
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It is normal to feel a certain amount of anxiety or uncertainty when receiving a new type of dental treatment. If you are a candidate for dental implants at our Colorado Springs office, however, we want you to feel as comfortable and at ease as possible before you begin your treatment. Dr. Terveen and the rest of our caring team are available to help answer any of your questions and to explain your future procedure(s).

Although every patient’s mouth and circumstances are slightly different, there are several standard steps you can expect when getting a dental implant:


The first step for any patient who receives a dental implant is to first have a consultation with Dr. Terveen. This consultation will allow Dr. Terveen to fully examine your mouth and to take any x-rays or imaging studies that may be necessary. 

Tooth Extraction & Bone Grafting

If your implant(s) will replace a natural tooth or teeth that are still in your mouth, the next step would be to extract the tooth or teeth. After the tooth has been removed, Dr. Terveen would then likely need to perform a simple bone grafting procedure to help preserve the jaw bone in the area. After a tooth is extracted and the bone is grafted, the site will be left to completely heal for several months.

Implant Placement

After the implant site has healed, you can expect your implant to be placed in several phases that will occur over a few months’ time. Most commonly, the titanium implant post will first be placed in your jawbone during a minor surgery. Later down the road, the abutment is placed. Weeks or months later, the final version of the crown will be attached to the implant. 

From start to finish, the average implant can take three or four months to be placed and to fuse to your bone completely. Always keep Dr. Terveen advised of any concerns you may have, and do not be afraid to ask questions throughout the entire process! Give us a call today to learn more about dental implants at our office.

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