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I'm missing a lot of teeth. Do I have any affordable options to replace them?

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Losing one or more teeth affects not only your appearance but multiple areas of your life as well. Things we take for granted daily—chewing, speaking, eating—can be fundamentally impacted with an incomplete smile. At Springs Family Dental, we work hard to make our patient's lives easier.

We Have Options for You at Our Colorado Springs Dentist Office

Our Colorado Springs patients deserve to have beautiful, radiant smiles, the ability to eat their favorite foods, and clear speech. Missing teeth can affect these qualities, which is why restoring your teeth is essential. During your initial consultation with Dr. Michael Terveen, we can go over your tooth restoration options.

Tooth Restoration Options in Colorado Springs

Partial Dentures

For patients missing one or more teeth, partial dentures are a relatively inexpensive way of regaining a beautiful smile and improving chewing ability. Partial dentures rest on the gum line and existing teeth, filling any empty spaces with lifelike acrylic material that look just like your existing teeth. They can be removed for cleaning, sleeping, or other purposes.

Complete Dentures

Patients missing all of their teeth have multiple options for teeth replacement, including complete dentures. Complete dentures replace an entire set of teeth; they rest on the gum line and can be removable. The dentures are made out of tooth-colored material so that they will blend in with your smile. 

Contact Our Colorado Springs Dentist Office with Questions

Are you ready to improve your smile and quality of life? We have tooth replacement options that fit with your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

If you have more questions, visit Dr. Michael Terveen and his highly skilled dental staff at Springs Family Dental today! Or don't hesitate to call our office and schedule an appointment. 

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