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Do you see children?

Yes, we love kids! 

At Springs Family Dental, we see children of all ages. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), it is recommended that your baby visit the dentist by 12 months or right after their first tooth comes in.

group of young children playing at schoolIt's Never Too Young to Learn Good Oral Care

Typically, children under three can come along to their parents' appointments and receive an exam at no cost. It's essential to get your child acquainted with their Colorado Springs dentist early, so they feel calm and relaxed at each dental visit. In fact, we want your child to look forward to visiting us as a break from school or everyday life. 

Good oral health starts young, and your child can begin to learn proper oral hygiene techniques early on. We make dental visits fun and stress-free; Dr. Michael Terveen and his excellent dental staff make each office visit fun and educational. Our fun dental team can educate your child on proper brushing and flossing techniques, along with what good smile-friendly food is. 

Oral hygiene education is essential and should be taught as young as possible. At-home brushing can be part of a fun game, along with using kid-friendly toothpaste and colorful toothbrushes. 

Bring Your Child into Our Fun Dental Office in Colorado Springs!

Give us a call to schedule your child's first dental exam today! It is never too early to start learning about the importance of dental health; we are here to make each dental visit fun, informative, and full of joy. 

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